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Having a great-sounding orchestral library at your fingertips used to be challenging, technically as well as financially. Luckily, times for us musicians have changed and everything is becoming more accessible and affordable. 


When I look back at the last 5 years of working more and more with orchestral samples, I noticed how much time I spent on building the same project layout over and over again, instead of using that time creating more music. And to help you not fall into this trap, I decided to create an orchestral template to get you started.

This template for Logic Pro X is based on FREE software instruments from Spitfire Audio. BBCSO Discover and LABS. And if you haven't heard of those guys, now you did.

Enjoy this template and start creating some music.


Requirements: Logic Pro X 10.6.1 or higher, Spitfire Audio BBCSO Discover, Spitfire Audio LABS Soft Piano

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